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Hypnosis can help you understand yourself better; it can help you change your bad habits into good ones, and it can transform your negative feelings into positive ones. When hypnosis is used for therapeutic purposes you are always in control. Hypnosis is strictly a voluntary act wherein you always remain conscious; you’re always aware and able to hear, to talk, and to make decisions. As the therapist I cannot make you do anything that you would not normally do.

Can anyone be hypnotized?

Anyone of normal intelligence can be hypnotized and you can only be hypnotized if you want to be and willingly follow the hypnotist’s instructions. There are people who are more suggestible, more or less hypnotizable, and some more or less willing than others. Most people fall into the middle once they understand what it’s about and realize that it is safe and it is going to help them. Once you are in the state of relaxation you will become receptive to the suggestions.

How do you begin?

Beginning is fairly simple. It is important for you to step out of your own way and have a desire to change. This desire to change is a gift to you, from you. You will need to open your mind a little to the possibility of change. Then, schedule your first appointment.

The first appointment is an interactive meeting where both you and I work together to create a plan that will be most useful to you. I will also describe briefly the misconceptions about hypnosis and answer any questions or concerns you might have about the session.

Most sessions are one hour long. I do advise that you return at least once within a week for a second session and if needed, we will schedule future sessions. It all depends on the individual.

Hypnotherapy Case Study

"I was a smoker for over 34 years using various forms of tobacco products from cigarettes, to pipes and cigars. I had previously tried to quit numerous times, utilizing various forms of smoking cessation including the “patch” and even aversion therapy but none of the methods worked for me. At age 52, I decided that I would try one last attempt to add some longevity to my life and elected to try hypnosis. I underwent two separate sessions with Normajean, two weeks apart from each other, and now, two years later, I remain a non smoker. I went to each session with an open mind, a sincere desire to quit and a belief that this really" D. L. from Meriden







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